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Brandon Probate Attorneys.

At Olivero Law, we handle a wide array of cases throughout the State of Florida in the probating of wills, estate administration and probate litigation. We also assist trustees in the administration of trusts, regardless of whether or not we have prepared the will or trust in question. In some cases, we represent heirs and beneficiaries to ensure that they receive the maximum amount allowed by law from estates and trusts.

In the vast majority of cases, Florida law requires that the personal representative (executor) MUST hire a lawyer to probate a will. The appointed lawyer will help the personal representative to complete the following actions:

  • take possession of and preserve real and personal property
  • make demand and collect all debts, claims, and notes due to the deceased
  • complete any lawsuits the deceased had an interest in
  • determine and pay all taxes, both state and federal
  • pay the valid claims of creditors
  • sell property when it is necessary to pay off debts
  • distribute the deceased’s remaining assets

If you have lost a loved one, hiring the right lawyer is a critical step in ensuring that your loved one’s estate planning goals are met. Each of our probate and trust clients receive the following:

Competent Advice – With over 20 years experience, Attorney Reginald Osenton has personally handled hundreds of probate cases.

Empathy and Compassion – A death in the family is a time of crisis, and we never forget these are difficult times in our clients’ lives.

Prompt and Thorough Service – Even in the best circumstances, completing the probate of anestate takes time. We ensure our clients’ matters are completed as quickly as possible.

Communication – We keep our clients fully informed about their cases, provide copies of all documents filed, and return calls and emails promptly. You will always be aware of the status of your case.

Our attorneys will ensure that the probate process goes smoothly and efficiently and can provide you with the experienced and compassionate guidance you need during your time of loss.