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Brandon Guardianship Attorneys Assisting Children and Adults

The question of guardianship arises when people are no longer able to care for themselves but have not legally designated who should care for them if they become incapacitated. A guardian’s job is to oversee and supervises the life of a person in need of such supervision, and he or she may be responsible for reporting all significant aspects of that person’s life to the Court.

The following list of persons may be in need of guardianship:

  • Mentally incapacitated persons
  • Elderly people who are incapacitated, due to Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease
  • Minor children whose parents have died suddenly or become incapacitated
  • Minor children whose parents are unfit
  • Personal injury accident victims under 18 years of age
  • Mentally ill adults and drug addicted adults who pose a danger to themselves or society.

The responsibilities of guardianship can be great and can include such things as providing education, medical care and providing an appropriate home if a child is involved. To discuss guardianship of a child or adult, please contact Olivero Law, to discuss your needs.