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Free Educational Bankruptcy Seminar at Olivero Laws

Brandon, Fla. – Olivero Laws offers the Brandon and Tampa community with a free, informational bankruptcy seminar. The next seminar is on June 9 at 6 p.m. Many individuals and families need help to eliminate debt, maintain their home and savings, and halt foreclosure. The hour-long seminar will also cover alternatives to bankruptcy.

Reginald Osenton, the Brandon bankruptcy attorney at Olivero Laws, will go over the difference between the two different versions of bankruptcy, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13.

“The seminars allow you to ask any question you have about bankruptcy and you can remain anonymous,” said Osenton, who has handled hundreds of bankruptcies for clients. “We know many people need an advocate on their side during a stressful time.”

With more than two decades of experience, Reginald Osenton knows how to help his clients preserve their integrity and create a better financial future. Every case gets personalized attention and he will determine what type of bankruptcy is most effective given a person’s situation. Debt is completely eliminated in Chapter 7, but for individuals whose income is too high to qualify, Chapter 13 can be the route to slash debt over time.

Olivero Laws is also skilled in foreclosure defense. When a mortgage lender is trying to repossess a client’s home, Osenton will counsel on how to keep the property in that individual’s name and minimize any deficiency that a lender might want to put on an individual’s credit.

“The seminars help people learn about their rights and how they can move forward with their finances and life,” Osenton said.

Reginald Osenton practices law in Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, the District of Columbia, and before the Internal Revenue Service. Olivero Laws is also accomplished in probate, estate and trust planning, business, real estate, and taxation law.

For more information on the Olivero Laws Bankruptcy Seminar, call 813-654-5777 or email: info@brandonlawoffice.com as space is limited.


Olivero Law
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Olivero Laws Hosts Onsite Event at The Bridges Active Retirement Community

Brandon, Fla. – Olivero Law, will host a lunch and dance for residents of The Bridges, an active retirement community in Riverview. The event will be held in the dining room of The Bridges on May 20 and include live music with a big band sound. The Bridges has an assisted living facility, custom cottage homes, condos, and a recreation center for residents to live in and enjoy.

“We want to give back to the community of seniors that have done so much for the area,” said O. Reginald Osenton, owner and president of Olivero Law “We will help the residents and their families with their legal questions at the event too.”

Olivero Law, provides counsel to individuals and their families in a wide array of legal matters. From estate planning, guardianship, and probate to family law, bankruptcy, and real estate concerns, they are the go-to law firm in Brandon and Riverview. Both Osenton and the firm’s other attorney, Laurel A. Tesmer, Esq. have a solid track record of superior client service, integrity, and tenacity to help clients achieve their goals.

“You will never feel like you are just a number; we personally handle your case and update clients frequently about the status of their case and choices as it progresses,” said Tesmer, the lead Brandon family law attorney.

Clients throughout Hillsborough and Polk County, as well as all of Tampa Bay, can consult Olivero Law at their offices in Brandon and Lakeland. They are licensed to work throughout Florida in estate administration cases and represent clients in Virginia, West Virginia, the District of Columbia, and before the Internal Revenue Service.

“We are known for our experience, compassion, and innovation,” Osenton said. “We become a trusted partner and advisor to you and your family.”

To learn more visit, http://www.brandonlawoffice.com

Olivero Law
500 Lithia Pinecrest Road
Brandon, Florida 33511
(813) 654-5777

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Tips for Divorcing and Newly Single Moms to Keep Their Finances in Order

Tampa, Fla. – As Mother’s Day quickly approaches, Olivero Laws would like to say bravo to mothers who are busy raising their kids solo and keeping their family as the number one priority. As nurturers and teachers, mothers can be great role models. But sometimes the chaos of the day and back-and-forth on the parenting agreement schedule can make finances take the back burner.

As a Tampa divorce and family law attorney, Laurel A. Tesmer counsels many women who multitask wonderfully but need some guidance to avoid the financial pitfalls of divorce and the new, single life. “A mom needs to be ready for the worst case scenario – not only for herself but for the kids’ benefit,” Tesmer said. “Plan for the worst so that the divorce agreement covers your needs now and in the future.”

Many clients should discuss the financial ability to pay for the kids if one was to get sick or what would happen if they could not afford the mortgage after taking ownership of it in the divorce. “We’re not trying to make you panic, but by discussing the worst you’ll be better able to take control of the divorce negotiations,” she said.

Other big factors to consider while transitioning to single life include:
– Stick to a budget. Ask a divorce attorney for a financial advisor recommendation or make an action list to reduce expenses rationally over time.
– Sometimes keeping the home can be more of a burden. Get advice on what is better – keeping the marital home or having access to other assets that don’t require so much upkeep.
– No one gets to keep all the prized possessions. Fighting over electronics, furniture, and other items will end up costing more money and stress as the divorce drags on. Jot down a “Must Keep” list and everything else can be bargained.
– Protect assets and reassign beneficiaries. Close all joint accounts and get a copy of a free credit report to uncover any wrongdoing that an ex might have done under joint credit accounts.

“Moms can put themselves in a great position to be financially strong if they focus on these core principles,” Tesmer said. “What’s really exciting is that mothers can positively influence their kids’ feelings about money and abundance too.”

The Women’s Institute for Financial Education, also known as WIFE, encourages moms and single mothers to teach appreciation for life’s abundant blessings. “Talk openly and honestly with your kids about money,” WIFE describes in the article “Rich Mom, Poor Mom.”

“Financial matters are part of the business of life that everyone can learn about and practice with confidence. Show kids that managing money is about making plans and choices. To get what you really want and value, you often have to wait and save before you can spend.”

Olivero Law provides individuals with skilled and compassionate legal advice to guide them through the complex divorce process. Attorney Tesmer also advises on child support, division of assets, alimony and spousal support, and visitation agreements. She is a member of the Marital and Family Law Sections of the Florida Bar and the Hillsborough County Bar Association.

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